Why do dogs eat poop?

How to make your dog stop eating poop

Why do dogs eat poop?

The dogs may eat his Poop as a matter of anxiety, attract attention, fear of punishment, or the result of a health problem.
But what you might wonder about is that poop eating behavior known scientifically as coprophagy may be normal behavior in young puppies. dogs eat poop
Although you feel that this act is disgusting, it has several reasons … and if you do not solve the problem in a correct way, it may turn into a bad and repeated habit.
discover in this article about 14 reasons why your dog eats his own poop and how you can overcome this problem.

why dogs eat poop

why do dogs eat poop ??

1- imitating what mother does …. The mother eats the feces of the newborn pup for two reasons: cleaning the den.

The second reason is to protect them from enemies – instinctive behavior – who may be attracted to smell.dogs eat poop
The mother does this from birth to weaning (two months)

. As puppies learn from their mother how to acquire dog behavior, they may imitate her by eating  their own poop or their siblings poop.

2- Curiosity … some young puppies may eat their own stool out of curiosity and to discover the environment around them this behavior stops at the age of 6 months

3- The lack of enzymes ….

Dogs have been used in the wild to hunt and eat prey, including their intestines and the enzymes that they contain for digestion.
With the domestication of dogs and the provision of processed food to them, it became difficult to provide digestive enzymes … dogs may manufacture them inside their bodies, but not in a sufficient manner.

Digestive enzymes are responsible for digesting food adequately so that the dog can absorb nutrients properly and their absence causes food to be excreted in the feces.

This causes the dog to eat special stools because he thinks it is a new meal.

Among the most important causes of this problem also is the lack of  pancreatic enzymes that cause weight loss, diarrhea and dog eating for its own stools.dogs eat poop

4- Worms …. When your dog is infected with worms, the worms eat almost everything your dog feed on, making them in a constant sense of hunger that may cause them to eat their own stool.

5- Some diseases that cause increased appetite … such as diabetes and thyroid problems, as well as some medications, such as cortisone, may cause a permanent feeling of hunger in your dog.

6- Lack of nutrients … such as hydrochloric acid deficiency, which may be due to poor food provided to the dog or  old age.
Hydrochloric acid is responsible for digesting proteins in the stomach, causing the dog to search for it in the feces.

And also the lack of some minerals may be the cause of the same problem.dogs eat poop

7- Poor digestion and absorption … Any disease that may cause this problem may cause your dog to eat his poop or another dog or  cat poop  in an attempt to obtain what  lacks in his food.

8- Lack of food … If you feed your dog with small amounts of food and your dog has started to lose weight because of the diet that you adopt.

be careful, your dog will try to obtain a source of food from sources you may not like.
9- scavengers … dogs have this behavior with instinct. The smell of feces may be disgusting for you, but it is wonderful for them.
10- Boredom … When you leave your dog all day alone at home and find nothing to do, why should not  he entertain himself and take food from his stool as his treat.
11- The desire to attract attention … dogs love us and always want to attract our attention and may find eating poop as a suitable means for that.dogs eat poop
12- Tension and anxiety … Your dog may find this behavior an outlet for stress.
13- Dog mills … This is one of the unfortunate facts. Many dog ​​farms put small puppies under harsh conditions, due to their lack of hygiene and feeding, which makes them vulnerable to this behavior.
14- Punishment … While you are training your dog for the potty  you may use the punishment method, so your dog believes that you do not like to see him doing a poop so that he eats poop so as not see him.

لماذا يأكل الكلب البراز

How do you make your dog stop eating feces ??

1- Exclude medical problems .. go to the veterinarian and do the necessary examination for your dog in order to make sure there are no health problems such as worms or pancreas problems
2- Provide your puppy with 2-3 balanced meals a day and reduce the number of meals by age, but make sure to provide enough amount.
3- Keep your dog busy with different toys such as running after the ball and certainly kongo toy is an excellent solution to such a problem. (a ball which the dry food is placed inside and the dog remains for an hour or more trying to reach the food)
4- Take your dog for walking and sports for a period of not less than 20 min per day until he becomes familiar with the different places and smells and stoppes the feeling of boredom.dogs eat poop
5- Clean stools as often as possible until you cut off your dog to get to the stool and eat it
6- You may need to spray stool with a substance that has a bitter or chilli taste in order to help your dog to stop this behavior
7- Your dog may need some medication if  eating poop has reached a late stage, but do not do so without referring to the vet.
8-Make your dog the order” leave it”… Hold in one of your palms a treat or dry food and close your palm on it.
Go down to the level of your dog and make him smell  your palm, he will try to reach the treat in any way, and he might lick your hand, do not give it to him.dogs eat poop
Be patient until he loses attention and desire for what is in your hand then point your hand for what you want to leave it and tell him to leave it and then give him the reward at that time pet him.
Repeat this exercise a lot and be patient and continue and don’t get desperate, so you will make mistakes.
In this training your dog will learn that when he leaves something he wants and complies with your leave it, he will be rewarded and you will play with him.

لماذا يأكل الكلب البراز

Important tips while training your dog not to eat poop:

1- Continue and do not make your dog eat feces, you need to break this habit
2- Cut the pieces of zucchini into thin sacks, boil them and place them with the food you give your dog.
If your dog doesn’t accept it, mix it with some minced meat … zucchini makes the stool taste unacceptable.
3- Give your dog pieces of pineapple, as it also helps to make the taste of feces unpleasant.
4- Do not give your dog what the household eats, as this makes the feces taste good.

Important warnings while training your dog not to eat poop:

1- If your dog eats his own poop, he may eat the poop of other animals, which makes him vulnerable to viruses and worms.dogs eat poop
2- Always make sure your dog follows his vaccination schedule, especially worms … Consult your vet for the appropriate vaccination schedule.

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