Treating ticks and fleas in dogs

How to protect your pet from ticks and fleas??

How to protect your pet from ticks and fleas??

Summer is close and a lot of owners always have concerns about ticks and fleas, they are creepy and crawly and that’s not all, but they can affect your pet’s general health badly. ticks and fleas in dogs

So, in this article we will discuss some arousing points about ticks and fleasticks and fleas in dogs

  1. Why ticks and fleas are so dangerous?
  2. How to protect your pets from external parasites?
  3. How to treat your pet If you found a tick or a flea?
  4. What are the most important medications that is used in prevention and control? ticks and fleas in dogs
  • Why ticks and fleas are so dangerous?

  • ticks and fleas suck blood, blood sucking not only causes anaemia to your pet but transmit some blood parasites like babesia and erlichia and worm’s eggs are also transmitted especially by fleas.
  • Most of blood parasites affect liver badly and may cause liver failure and death.
  • Worms that are transmitted by fleas we may consider them as demons that suck your pets’ nutrients making him thin, lethargic, suffering from hair loss and anorexia, at some point it may block your pet intestine.
  • One of these worms is the heart worm that eats your dog heart alive …and may cause congestive heart failure. 
  • External parasites can cause allergy that make your pet scratch and become itchy and that’s may lead to hair loss.
  • Do you know that tick also can cause paralysis to your pet as it may secrete some toxins while blood sucking.
  • It may transmit some zoonotic diseases like Lyme disease, if those tick can leash to human. ticks and fleas in dogs

How to protect my pets from ticks and fleas??

For all the above-mentioned causes, every summer we have to take our precautions to protect my pet from ticks and fleas.ticks and fleas in dogs

ticks and fleas in dogs

1-if you have small kittens or puppies make regular check on their hair try to search for external parasites in between the hair and you may use small hair comb that may help you see the fleas or its dirt. ticks and fleas in dogs

How to recognize fleas??

It’s a small insect that moves and runs fast, which presents in the neck area and the base of the tail.

If  you can’t find the flea you may find its dirt it is reddish brown in colour and attached to hair…finding the dirt or the flea may be difficult if your pet has black hair but you can notice them on your pet skin. Especially if your pet is scratching himself a lot.ticks and fleas in dogs

This video describes how fleas looks alike and how to fine it on your pet easily.

How to recognize ticks??

it’s larger in size than fleas, usually females are bigger as it carries eggs and sucks more blood, it can be found on skin folds like armpit and internal thigh muscle between palm fingers, inside the ears.

ticks and fleas in dogsThis video describes its shape and where to find it.ticks and fleas in dogs

  • It is very important to you give your pet the insects  dose every month, which consists of ampoules according to weight and age, which the vet determines and can be replaced by an anti-insect collar that is worn for six months, and its job is to protect itticks and fleas in dogs

 For cleaning the place, the best solution is to spray the diazinon. It will be diluted 1 cm diazinon /1 litre of water. You will find it at any veterinary clinic. But take care as it is a poisonous substance.

  • when use it for cleaning, no dog or cats are allowed in this place and you must to wear musk and gloves. 
  • Also smoking it not allowed, to not get poisoned. 
  • Using a quantity of the diluted solution in sprayer, spray the wooden doors and wall cracks, to kill any hidden insects.
  • Leave the diluted diazinon solution on the ground for (1:2 hr) and then rinse with a lot of water.

If you are not using the diazinon for cleaning regularly every 2 weeks or every month, do not leave your dog or cat for a long time in the street or house roof, as it makes it more susceptible for external parasites infestation. 

How to treat my dog or cat if I found ticks and fleas on it? ticks and fleas in dogs

  • For dogs, if the infection is highly severe, use the Ivomec injection according to your dog’s body weight. Also, use the diluted Diazinon solution as a medical shower for your dog. This must be done at the vet clinic to make sure that the dog will not lick itself or take wrong dose of injection
  • Also, you must follow the vet’s treatment protocol as every case differ than other .
  • Ivomec must not be prescribed in dogs less than 6 months as it affects the liver  ticks and fleas in dogs
    • In simple cases (1-2 insects), its preferred to use a combination of medical diazinon shower with insects’ ampules as Advantix or Revolution 
  • For cats, its more susceptible to be infected with fleas, best treated with Advantix and Revolution, it may be used in dogs as well.ticks and fleas in dogs

What are the Names of medications that can be used to treat ticks and fleas in pets??

  •  Ampoules of front line, Advantix and petarmor are more effective in fleas and ticks treatment 
  • Anti tick and fleas’ collars may to be used for protection if the pervious protection conditions are followed
  • Finally, the Ivomec Injection which previously mentioned. ticks and fleas in dogs

Hoping that your pet stays safe from ticks and fleas and enjoy his summer.

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