why you should spay and neuter your pet??

which age is appropriate for spaying and neutering?

which age is appropriate for spaying and neutering?

Although the spay and neuter belief for cats and dogs is not new..but veterinarians encountered some misconceptions in the mid-twentieth century:

  • Females prefer to have kittens/puppies at least once before spaying.
  • Female cats should not undergo spaying before their first cycle.
  • The growth rate is affected by the spay and neuter.
  • The diameter of the ureter in the urinary system becomes less than it exposes male cats to urinary problems.
  • Female cats, in particular, may develop urinary incontinence due to spaying.
  • Some bad behaviors may appear
  • Unfortunately, all of this is not true … Cats enter the first cycle from the age of 4 to 6 months and are at high risk for pregnancy, especially if they have a male cat in the same house.

Learn the symptoms of heat in cats here

putting us in permanent trouble is how to care for all these little kittens/ puppies every time.

What is the spay and neuter operation ??

  • It is the operation of removing the uterus and ovaries in females and testes in males.
  • The best age for spaying and neutering is at the age of six months.
  • While preparing for spay and neuter, several things must be taken into account:
  • The pet should fast for at least six hours
  • In the case of a kitten, a snack can be given, as they are vulnerable to hypoglycemia.
  • It should be emphasized that a heating device is placed during the operation, as they are more susceptible to hypothermia
  • Otherwise, the anesthesia walks at the same rate, with different dosages, depending on weight, age, and health status.
  • spaying and neutering  at a young age makes the process easier and without significant swelling, because the young age does not have much fat.
  • Also, the stitches are few, because the opening is small.
  • But the tissues should be treated with caution because at this age it is very thin.

Why do we spay and neuter ??

  • Your pet will live longer and healthy:

The spaying and neutering, especially before the first female cycle, protect your pet from uterine inflammation and breast cancer.

They represent 50% in dogs and 90% in cats.

For males, it protects them from an enlarged prostate and testicular cancer.

2- A female cat will not enter a new cycle of heat :

Where you enter a course of 4-7 days, during which your cat meows loudly and urinate everywhere in the house.

Male dogs will not escape from the house to mate :

Males dogs when they want to mate and can’t fulfill their desire..they will try to leave the house in various ways.

Or running away while doing the regular daily walking.

Which exposes him to accidents or quarrels with other dogs.

3- Sterile male improves behavior:

A sterile male is fully focused on his family … while a non-sterile male, his entire focus is to spread his pheromones everywhere.

By urinating in several places …

This, of course, increases the aggressive behavior between male cats and male dogs and or even between them and you.

4- spaying and neutering  will not make your pet fat :

The lack of movement and a large number of meals what makes your pet fat … follow a healthy diet for your pet and focus on his training and there will be no obesity.

5- to spay and neuter is expensive:

yes, it is expensive, but not as the cost of raising a new generation of kittens and puppies approximately every 4 months.

6- Sterilization helps society and reduces the massive increase in stray animals:

Many breeders, when they cannot afford the cost of generations and generations of kitten and puppies … their fate will be the street or shelters.

On the street, they are vulnerable to beatings, accidents, and damage to public property.

Some of them may scare and terrorize children.

In shelters, many European countries resort to euthanasia to get rid of all these huge numbers.

In many Arab countries, shelters may refuse to receive new cases, so their fate will be on the street.

What happens in the recovery after spaying or neutering , and is it difficult?

The more the animal is young, the easier it is to get up … The little kitten begins to move after the operation after only half an hour.

As for cats one-year-old, their body after the operation may suffer from heat loss for a while

It may take up to 12 hours for them to return to full fitness.

The spay and neuter operation have lots and lots of controversy.

However, given the stray cats and dogs, we see every day, and what they suffer from, we strongly advise spay and neuter.

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