Protect yourself from dog attacks

Your guide in identifying the causes of dog attacks and ways to prevent them

How to protect yourself from dog attacks

Who among us has never been exposed to a dog attack, whether this attack is limited to violent barking only from the dog, or it may have extended to dog attacks by biting?protect from dog attacks

Many people may explain dog attacks that the dog can smell the scent of fear, and it is he who drives him to carry out the attacks. What do you think is the validity of this famous saying??

We take a tour in this article to answer all the questions that you may have in explaining the causes of dog attacks and ways to prevent them and more.

Why does the dog attack??protect from dog attacks

In fact, all dogs may attack you, so don’t be fooled by the dog’s size or domestication.

Dogs are distinguished by having very strong jawbones, and if they bite, they may amount to tearing flesh or breaking muscles.

Dogs also have great control over their teeth and often use bites that do not tear the skin as calculated warnings. This allows dogs to argue and resolve disputes without hurting each other or their owner

Dog attacks may be the result of harassment or dealing with people who are foreign to the dog’s family.

Dog attacks against children are high rated .protect from dog attacks

It may sometimes be difficult to understand these causes by those who are not familiar with the way dogs behave and communicate with humans and other dogs. While the reasons why dogs attack may be multiple, we can list some common causes

Can dogs really smell fear? 

Many studies have already been carried out in this field, and science has been able to discover that dogs possess strong extraordinary powers to smell, which can actually smell your body scent and know the emotional state of yours.

When the emotional state of the human body changes as a result of exposure to a certain situation, whether these feelings are love, fear or anger, the hormones produced by the human body contain a distinct smell that the dog can distinguish and recognize the mood and emotional state for you.

One study tested the dog’s ability to recognize the different scents of different dog owner moods

Samples were collected from the armpit region of some people in 3 different cases: fear, happiness, and natural condition. protect from dog attacks

A stranger other than the owner of the original dog, dealt with the dog in three cases, and notes were recorded in each case in terms of behavior and number of heartbeats, so the observations and results in each case were as follows:

  1. In the event that the dog smells happy: the dog’s behavior with the stranger was more familiar and the number of heartbeats was lower
  2. In the event that the dog was exposed to the smell of fear: the dog’s behavior with the stranger was expressing psychological pressure or fear as well as increased heart rate
  3. In the event that the dog was exposed to the smell of the natural state of the human body: the dog’s behavior with the stranger was more reassuring as it deals with the original owner and the heart rate was lower than in the case of exposure to feelings of happiness. protect from dog attacks

The conclusion of this study was that dogs have the ability to smell and distinguish the moods of the human body, and that they are affected by it. When you feel fear, the dog can actually smell feelings of fear, but it also feels fear

When does the dog attack and what drives the dog to attack??

Dogs have a natural instinct in determining the area of ​​influence, which is the region where the dog lives, so this area is considered a private property for him that is not allowed to be shared by another dog or a strange person

Once he sees that someone has broken into his territory , whether it is a stranger who is unfamiliar to the dog or another dog, he turns to the first ways to defend his territory  by barking loudly, and once the dog repeatedly uses the bark several times, its pays his fruits and causes others to run away from him until It is made from bark and permanently entrenched to impose control and influence on this place

It does not take long for the dog to begin modernizing the means of defending himself and his area of ​​influence, and the matter develops until the aggressor dog attacks the borders of this area. protect from dog attacks

 He does not attack the dog with full awareness. Often, the motivation behind the dog attacking a person is that the person has moved quickly or in a surprising way, and the dog feels disturbed and aggressive, which causes the dog to bark loudly, or the dog attacks the people

What are the causes of dog attacks??

My dog ​​is very kind to me, so what is the reason for the dog to attack him, whether for the stranger or for the other dogs?

This is the first question that may occur to your mind when your dog does one of the dog’s attacks for the first time. You must know that you are the one who will determine the answer to this question, because you are the person closest to the dog or you are its owner and therefore you are aware of all the conditions surrounding the dog and all that may be exposed to it leads For one of these dog attacks. protect from dog attacks

Below I will list the most common causes of dog attacks

  • 7 of the physiological causes of dog attacks:

1- Non-socialization: For good reason, dog trainers and behavior advisors tend to emphasize the importance of raising puppies with people of all ages, dogs and other animals. According to the American Veterinary Association for Animal Behavior, incomplete or improper socialization during the first three months of a puppy’s age may lead to major behavioral problems later in life such as fear, avoidance, or aggression. protect from dog attacks

2- Exposing the dog to previous penalties: When people use punishment to try to solve behavior problems, they often end up raising the level of negative behavior in dogs, which may lead to the emergence of a problem of attacks in dogs

Moreover, keep in mind that when applying punishment, it tends to suppress most behavior without addressing the underlying problem, i.e. fear or anxiety. protect from dog attacks

3- Attack because of fear: the majority of dogs attack out of fear. Fear may be caused by hereditary predisposition, lack of socialization, negative experiences, or a combination of all this may attack the dog because he is uncomfortable with being a pet, trapped or feeling threatened by someone who is seen as frightening. A common cause of fear for other dogs is a traumatic experience from early life. A dog who has a negative experience with a dog may generalize such fear to other dogs that look similar to a dog that primarily generates fear

4- Guarding Resources: The willingness to guard resources is related to the ability to adapt and survive. These resources can be anything that the dog considers private property, such as: food, toys, bones, sleeping areas, and even other people or dogs.

5- Protecting young puppies: The mother protects the little puppies and protects the surrounding area more severely than the familiar nature of the ethnic dog before pregnancy and childbirth. If someone tries to approach, he may be exposed to a dog’s attack from the mother, whether by high bark or biting, and vets explain this case To the hormonal changes and instinct of fear for the young, as soon as this period passes and the hormonal stability of the mother returns to normal until the problem of dog attacks is gone

This situation can occur in females who suffer from a false pregnancy, and in this case the female protects the games that you take as a child

6- High excitement and frustration: When the dog is excited excessively, it is easy for excessive excitement to turn into aggression and be one of the dog’s attacks.

  • One of the scenarios for this situation is two dogs who are very enthusiastic about saluting their owner and ending up fighting and the occurrence of dog attacks.
  • Also, two dogs are worried that a stranger will pass by the wall of their house or garden in them, causing them to fear that they will fight with each other.

In these cases, I strongly advise you not to interfere with hands to resolve this conflict, as we will end up being a victim of biting and one of the dog attacks.

7- We failed to read dogs: We often attack dogs because we failed to read them. Dogs naturally tend to give signals when they feel uncomfortable in a particular situation. Licking the lip, yawning, turning the head, showing the whites of the eye and these are just a few of the many stress signs that dogs give.

And when you do not pay attention to these signs and continue to hug the dog, play with him or give him orders, he does not resort to dog attacks to express anger and exhaustion.

2- Pathogens to dog attacks: Medical problems can sometimes reduce the dog’s limit to interaction, which increases the chance of dog attacks.

  • . Painful ear infections may increase the rates of dog attacks

A dog with hearing or vision problems may panic if it comes close to it unexpectedly.

  • Older dogs with movement problems may not be able to pull themselves out of a difficult situation that may lead to choosing a violent reaction from moving away.protect from dog attacks
  • Dogs that have low levels of thyroid hormones or who have hypothyroidism may experience behavioral changes and an increase in unusual aggressive behavior
  • Exposure to an intestinal disease
  • Rabies in dogs

You should consult a specialist vet to check if your dog has any of the causes that lead to dog attacks

Can my dog ​​attack me??

The dog can attack the owner in situations that the dog considers an attack on one of his rights, such as: changing the place of the food dish, trying to take his own game, or trying to play with the dog while he sleeps or eating it.

Learn what food is allowed for dogs… and what is the harmful food for them from here 

If someone interrupts the dog during the breeding process, you may experience a dog attack. 

Likewise, an attempt to approach the sexual organs of a dog even if even unintentionally is an attempt to patting the dog’s butt

 Attacking a dog for another dog

Regardless of the source of the conflict, the aggression itself is an attempt by the attacking dog to demand or re-claim hegemony.

This rarely happens suddenly, and most dogs will give the other dog a warning sign, such as roaring or wrinkling teeth, to show that the other dog’s behavior is not okay. protect from dog attacks

Who is at risk of attacking dogs??

Dog attacks are not limited to people who are alien to the dog only, but one of these attacks can happen to the dog owner or children at home and even dogs in neighboring homes or in the street.

But we must understand that the dog has a special way of dealing, if we keep it, he will avoid many bouts of anger and dog attacks.

Always make sure to deal with the dog without trying to intimidate him or his surprises or infringe on his property from food, toys, sleeping, and even the people the dog loves

What should I do if a dog is attacked?

You must know what is the correct way to act in case you are exposed to a dog attack, and before listing the recommendations that must be implemented, we must understand that dog attacks are one of the emergency situations that must be acted quickly and wisely

Among the most important steps you should take in the event of a dog attack:

1- Stay calm: You should not show signs of panic and fear, which will expose the dog to more fear and anxiety

Dogs with sharp temper are trying to lead you to fear and nervous tension, which in turn leads to the provocation of the dog, the more you keep calm and emotional stability whenever this dog led to reduce excessive seizure and try to enter one of the cases of dog attacks

2- Also avoid direct eye contact with an aggressive dog. Stand a little sideways (which also makes you a narrower target) while keeping the dog in your peripheral view.

3- Try to impose your control on the place or your private space. Once you maintain your calmness and emotional stability, try or place anything you carry with your hand on the ground, such as a stick or a canopy, which makes you appear larger and more in control of your personal space.protect from dog attacks

This action gives the impression to the dog that you do not want to attack his space, but only try to preserve your personal space without any intention to attack or attack him.

4- If you cannot own yourself and run, you should try to avoid dog attacks by allowing the dog to pick up a portion of you, for example take off your jacket and throw it on it, this will give you enough time to escape

5- If one of the previous tricks did not work and you are now facing real dog attacks, always remember the protection of the face, throat and chest lying on the ground with the body placed in a circular shape with the arms pointed in front of the face and chest and the inclusion of fingers

6- In the event that you were bitten in a dog attack, the best and least harmful place is the leg or forearm

7- Never try to remove your arm from the dog’s teeth. Dogs have very strong jawbones that can cut flesh and break down bones.

Instead, try to reach the hind legs of the dog and try to turn it on its back. The dog will leave you in this condition

Devices to protect from dog attacks:

 If your dog is nervous, or is subject to a specific situation that has increased his ferocity and you or family members or friends around you are more susceptible to dog attacks, devices can be used to protect from dog attacks, including:

  • Beep deterring dog attacks: It makes loud noises that can only be heard by the dog. It expels dogs in an effective manner, as it affects the nervous system of the dog.protect from dog attacks

Deterrent spray of black pepper powder: It is a spray containing black pepper powder, which is used to deter dog attacks. Black pepper is an effective repellent to dogs, as dogs hate the smell of pepper, whether it is black pepper or hot pepper, and therefore can be used to keep dogs away From the house, by spraying it on the ground, as it does not attract pests, but the biggest problem is the use of pepper in that it may cause harm to the pet if it approaches or consumes it, so this method is not advisable, as the rain may remove pepper Easily, which may require re-spraying one more time

  • Ultrasound dog deterrent: The ultrasound dog deterrent emits waves of inaudible frequencies from non-dogs, meaning that only dogs can hear

This device is considered a safe way to deter dog attacks or control the unjustified bark of dogs at night, which may cause inconvenience to you or your neighbors.

  • Installing a motion sensor extruder device. You can install a spray device that senses the movement of animals and sprinkles water as they approach, which helps to keep dogs away and expel them, as this device has a system that enables it to sense the movement of the animal within ten meters, and it is safe and harmless, and depends on intimidation Animals are nothing more, by spraying the water stream without the need to spray any other chemicals that may be harmful and harmful, so this method is considered the safest method.

How do I modify attack behavior in dogs??

If your dog suffers from bad behavior from dog attacks, here are some tips that can help you modify this behavior:

  1. Socializing: Try to create your dog in a social environment, so he is used to mixing with people and does not panic from being in the midst of gatherings.protect from dog attacks

Learn how to teach your dog to walk beside you quietly and without problems here

  1. Correct the behavior of biting in the little puppies: If someone bites you because he thinks it is a game, then you must end it and show dissatisfaction with this behavior

  How do I stop my dog ​​from biting here ?

  1. Do not engage your dog in aggressive situations, such as quarrels or speak loudly with one of them in the presence of your dog, as this may generate its shipment of anger towards the other person
  2. Sit your dog and wait before putting the food plate. This is a good exercise to reinforce the idea of ​​allowing people to pick up a dog food dish every day

Find out what food is allowed for dogs .. and what is harmful to them from here

  1. Teach your dog to follow your orders, as this may be very helpful in getting the dog out of a dangerous situation
  2. Give your dog a reward when he does one of the behaviors you want to teach him. Pair the reward with a voice command. In the end, the dog will learn to link the matter to the behavior
  3. Use a dog taming specialist to modify dog ​​behavior

Ways to prevent dog attacks??

Here are 10 tips for preventing dog attacks:

1- Keep a sufficient distance between you and the dog. Regardless of the size of the dog, if you come close to it a lot, this behavior can be considered an infringement of its private space and begins to attack you.

2- If you want to get close to the dog, ask permission from the owner of the dog if you allow it. Let the dog discover you first.

  • Turn your hand in front of him and do not try to start patting his head, as it may be considered a way to threaten
  • Allow the dog to smell you and get close to you, not to start approaching you

3- Look carefully at the collar around the dog’s neck, as it may contain warnings, for example: No to dogs / not to dog feed / nervous / deaf / blind

4- Read the dog’s body language and try to understand it well. The dog sends signals that indicate attacking such as snarling / yawning repeatedly / showing the whites of the eyes / licking the upper lips

5- Do not look directly at the dog in his eyes. For a dog this sign is not friendly at all and indicates aggression.

6- Speak softly and lowly to the dog

7- Never be surprised by any unexpected movement

8- Never go near a sleeping dog / dog playing \ dog barking \ dog roaring \ dog with her kitten

9 – If the dog collar is too long, alert the dog owner, which will protect the dog from stumbling, as well as increase the dog owner’s control of his pet.protect from dog attacks

10- Never run, as jogging increases dogs’ instinct to chase 


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