How to potty train your puppy

6 Easy and simple steps to potty train your dog

6 Easy and simple steps to potty train your dog

When you buy a new puppy, happiness will overwhelm you, especially if you want to own one long ago, but the puppy may surprise you by making potty everywhere in the house. potty train your dog

Puppies were dependent on their mother to conceal their stools, so they did not understand your bad feeling, just do as the mother was doing, conceal what I did.potty train your dog

In order for your dog to get used to what you want him to do, which is to locate one specific and explicit one place for potty, you must know your dog’s needs and behaviour regarding his species and his personality as a dog with a single personality. potty train your dog

Some dogs are quick to learn, others need some time and have their own needs.

Likewise, you should be calm and have patience and continuity in training … This will make potty training very easy.

In this article we will discuss 6 easy and simple steps to potty train your dog.

تدريب الكلاب على مكان الحمام | potty train your dog

Learn the basics

  • Introduce your dog to your family and get used to them.
  • Do not let your dog go around alone in the apartment because he will consider it as a designated area for him to be allowed to make a poop in any part of it.
  • Make him know the places that he is allowed to be in and the unwanted places close its doors and alert him every time when he tries to enter it like the bedrooms.
  • Know your dog’s needs by reading all possible information about his breed before he is acquired, for example: potty train your dog
  • Small dogs like chihuahuas have a small bladder and cannot tolerate prolonged urine holding.
  • Dogs are very smart, but they have their own language to deal with and they cannot understand that you want them to defecate or urinate here and why the other place is forbidden so try to understand their language so they can also understand and implement what you say from the orders.
  • Dogs learn to enter the bathroom at the age of 8 weeks not before, because they cannot control their bladder.

تدريب الكلاب على مكان الحمام | potty train your dog

Follow the leads when you potty train your puppy

  •  Always keep an eye on your dog and follow his movements to understand when he wants to urinate or poop, such as: Sniffing the earth, spin around itself, maybe some whining, barking or maybe scratching the ground as if digging.
  • If you see these signs, take your dog to the designated area.
  • • If you see your dog making poop in a place other than the one designated for him, boycott him by saying phrases like “no” and ” not right here” and you may clap .
  • • Do not punish your dog when he is pooping in the wrong place and do not make him smell what he has pooped, as it is considered punishment.
  • He may get confused about it and think that you do not like to see him doing urine and stools, and he will do it somewhere else that you cannot reach.
  • In the case of a small puppy, you may not be able to hold stools when you interrupt them, so get used to accidents and be patient. potty train your dog

تدريب الكلاب على مكان الحمام | potty train your dog

Choose a place for potty training

  • as you choose a training place, it should be an easy place to reach … and there are not many dogs in it if he is outside the house … and the dog must be attached to his leash so that you can monitor him well and get to know when he finishes.
  • The dog gets used to the place where he urinated previously, where he recognizes the smell.
  • The task will be easier when defining an area inside the house, especially if the dog was small and did not complete his vaccinations, as well as in the case of small dogs … The area should be easy to clean. potty train your dog
  • Upon reaching the specified location, tell him a pre-agreed word as a password between you and him to go potty like “go ” or any other word.

And do not use this word for any other order as the dog may get confused.

  • Give the dog his time before making potty, as he may want to explore first.
  • When the dog makes potty in the designated area, reward him.
  • When choosing a place for potty inside the house, do not leave him inside and close the door, waiting for him to finish his business .

All that matters to the dog then is getting out of confinement and he will link that his desire to make potty lead him to confinement, and he will do its work in other places and suddenly so as not to confine him.

  • If your puppy made potty out of the designated area in your absence…do not punish him , he won’t understand the cause for punishment and it may cause contrary results in his learning process.

تدريب الكلاب على مكان الحمام

Clean the places where you do not want your dog to make potty

  • Dog urine smells strong and may stick to the places where the dog urinated, causing him to return the ball again. potty train your dog

Therefore, it is important to clean the place where you do not want your dog to make potty with vinegar to reflect the smell of ammonia.

Follow a specific diet when you potty train your dog

Choose a meal-specific diet and monitor your dog when he wants to go potty after meals

To find out the proper feeding system for dogs here

Depend on the dog crate when you are away from home

  • A dog crate is an excellent solution, especially if you are allocating a place for your dog in a house. potty train your dog

Especially for young puppies, with their inability to fully control the bladder.

  • But the crate must be large enough to allow it to stand, sit and rotate around comfortably.
  • Dogs do not like to make potty in the area designated for eating and drinking, , as the dog will prejudice itself until leaving the house.
  • Therefore, you should be well monitored when you see signs such as smelling in the ground, raising the hind legs, and taking it outside to the area designed for potty training.
  • And put him in the designed area  after half an hour after finishing his food.
  • Prepare the potty train area with a set of pads and fill  the entire place with the pads , and make sure that training area is far from the place of eating
  • Your dog will initially make potty over the entire cotton diaper, but in the end he will choose one or two places for potty when he does so reduce the number of pads and keep them only in the place that your dog prefers to make potty in .
  • At the end of the matter, your dog will choose a specific patch of diapers to make potty  on it. Keep putting diapers on for a month or two until you are sure your dog get used to the new location then you can then not rely on it.
  • Every time your dog makes a bath in the designated area, show your joy, enthusiasm, and reward him. Dogs understand facial expressions and feelings well.

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