Heat in cats & what are the symptoms

Know when your cat come in heat & what are the symptoms

Know when your cat come in heat & what are the symptoms

If you haven’t seen mating in cats before, you may be in shock. Your cat’s character will suddenly change overnight. Her body is undergoing major hormonal changes – and it is not surprising that she will express significant behavioral changes as well. To the untrained eye, it may seem like she suddenly went crazy! Heat in cat how cat get in heat s

Let’s take a look at how to know when cat get in heat and what you can do to calm her. We will address many common questions about how cat get in heat estrus cycles, signs and much more.

What is the age of puberty in cats, and when cat get in heat for the first time?


  • Male Cats (Tom Cat):Heat in cats

  • Male cats pass puberty, which is determined by ejaculation in sperm, at the age of 8-12 months.
  • The male cat’s penis is surrounded by 100-200 annular thorns, usually called penile spines and dependent on androgen for growth.
  • They appear at the age of 6-7 months and disappear after castration.
  • Sexually mature tom cats are able to mate repeatedly over 4-5 days without a decrease in sperm count.
  • Male showed no seasonal change in behavior of mating in cats or semen quality under continuous light for 12 hours per day
  • Female Cats (The Queen Cat)Heat in cats

  • Female cats go through puberty, which is determined by the beginning of their first estrus cycle, which is the time that tells you When cat get in heat , at an average age of 8-9 months, and ranges between 4-18 months with the difference between cats and some of them knowing that sexual maturity and the occurrence of successful mating In cats that result in pregnancy at the age of one year
  • Strains with long hair enter puberty early in life than strains with short hair.
  • The onset of puberty is also dependent on the season. Cats will not reach an appropriate age or pass their first estrus until the breeding season begins.
  • Cats are called seasonal polyestrous, which means they may ask to marry multiple times season.

What is the period of estrus in cats?Heat in cats

  • The female cat (queen) has genital organs that include the uterus and ovaries. These reproductive organs undergo a normal cycle, called the mating in cats or the estrus cycle and is the most common name, in which reproduction occurs
  • During the estrus cycle in most mammals, the ova is released from the ovaries before reproduction. This is called ovulation.
  • This differs in cats, as it is one of the (induced ovulation organisms), which means that the ova are not released from the ovaries except through a successful marriage.
  • Also, cats do not release eggs during the winter growth period until they reproduce.
  • Cats have hormonal fluctuations, along with some vascular congestion, during the estrus cycle, which means that their body tells them when cat get in heat 

When cat get in heat after the last mating process??

The mating season depends on several factors:

  1. Geographical area
  2. Climate (hot-cold-mild)
  3. The number of hours of daylight or light
  4. Weight of the cat
  5. The platoon
  6. Genetic genetics
  • Whereas in the northern hemisphere the mating in cats is from January to the end of autumn.
  • While in some hot areas or cats that live inside the house, the request for marriage continues throughout the year.
  • Especially since the constant household lighting has become a major contributor to the continuation of the request for marriage throughout the year. Cats that are placed under artificial lights for 12 consecutive hours a day will have a period of estrus throughout the year and may show an increase in fertility.

How long will the mating period last for cats??

Estrus continues for several days between 7-10 days and if the cat does not marry, it may request marriage after a period ranging between one and six weeks

How cat get in heat and what are the signs of a marriage request?? 

  1. Male cats: After the male cat (tome) reaches puberty, some signs appear on it and with it we can determine how cat get in heat including:
  • Perhaps the worst crime attributed to male cats is the urine spray usually.
  • Males spray their territory as a limitation of their influence and as a warning to the borders of other cats.
  • The male cat is also sprayed as a sign for their sexual prowess when searching for females for mating.
  • Anxious cat may also splash to comfort itself by spreading its own scent Why do the cats urinate outside the litter box??


  • Heat in cats | how cat get in heat | when cat get in heat | mating in catsFemale cats:

There are a number of clear signs that answer the question of how cat get in heat or is in estrus 

  • Loud meow: Your cat suddenly becomes louder than usual. It meows day and night, and its sounds may sound closer to moaning. This is referred to as “communication”, and by doing so, your cat makes her presence known to male cats or potential suitors.
  • Rub her head and roll: It looks like she can’t walk with anything without rubbing her head or lower body – whether it’s the sofa, the wall, or your leg. It also showed a growing interest in rolling on the ground. All of these behaviors determine how cat get in heat and allows it to spread its scent on everything around it, which is another way to attract mates.
  • Increased affection: With regard to the above, cats may wish during the mating period to increase the affection of them constantly, to the point that it may seem that they are always under your feet chasing you.
  • Spraying: Yes, female cats can also spray urine! When cat get in heat its urine will contain increased levels of pheromones, which can be felt by male cats. Thus, spraying urine is another way to announce that it is tolerating mating. (Note: spraying can be a sign of urinary tract infection, so if you’re not sure it is in a heat condition, it’s best to take your cat to the vet! Why do the cats urinate outside the litter box??
  • Attempts to escape: The cat, who always sits indoors, suddenly looks very focused on getting out. She may stare intensely out the window, running to the door as soon as you open it, otherwise looking for ways to escape. Its goal is to find a companion.
  •  Over-grooming the genital area: You may notice an intense focus on grooming the genital area, which may appear wet and swollen. You may notice clear, watery vaginal discharge.
  • Mating position: Your cat may repeatedly take the position of mating in cats – also called the standing estrus posture– as if a male partner might suddenly appear. She will press down her front elbows on the floor, perch on her hind legs, push her buttocks up in the air, and carry her tail to the side to expose her genitals.
  • Insomnia and tension: She can’t seem to stay still for a minute. She seems tense and uncomfortable. You may notice that she specifically focuses her steps around doors, windows, or pet paintings.
  • Some breeders may feel upset because of these symptoms, others think that they are sick, but these are symptoms of heat and the way in which we determine how cat get in heat
  • Male cats may gather around your house because the cat’s urine hormones and pheromones attract them. Your cat may try to go out to them to mate

My cat is in mating period and I do not wish to become pregnant! How can I calm it down?

why you should spay and neuter your pet??

There is not much you can do for your cat when she is in mating in cats’ period, other than setting a date for neutering as soon as possible (although the vet / clinic will likely want to wait until she gets out of the estrus period for surgery).

Here are some ways you can help distract her or make her feel more comfortable, as well as important advice to make sure that you don’t end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

  1. Isolation: When cat get in heat immediately, remove your cat from the male. If you see a male (through a window, for example) or feel his presence, it gets more exciting. You will likely try to escape from the house during this period, so it is very important to keep the doors and windows closed, and the curtains are pulled down, if necessary.
  2. Attention and physical contact: Give your cat a lot of attention and physical contact when cat get in heat this will help to calm her and relieve some of the anxiety and tension. Try petting, cuddling, and brushing hair if you allow it.
  3. Extra playing time: In the same way, playing time is important. Your cat will be agitated and uncomfortable while in a period of estrus, and the distraction of physical exertion while playing may be what you need.
  4. Warmth: Some cats in estrus period like to sit on a warm or wet towel or a slightly warm cloth. Just be careful that the temperature is not too hot, and never leave a heating pad connected to electricity under the cat. It can gradually heat up and cause burns.
  5. Clean the litterbox: Cats like to tag their territory, and they will likely do so especially when they are in estrus or time of mating in cats (this is one of the ways that they indicate their availability to males). By keeping the litterbox clean and free of odor, you encourage her to tag it – instead of the rest of the house. Make sure to avoid using detergents that contain ammonia, as they can stimulate increased spray behavior
  6. Music: This may sound a bit unlikely, but some cats love to listen to music! Try playing classic jazz, and see if tunes have a calming effect.
  7. Catnip: Some cats calm her catnip during their mating time. However, other cats do not respond well to this herb. It is best to only experiment with a small amount to see if it helps.
  8. Herbal remedies: There are some herbal remedies aimed at calming cats that are in heat. Its effectiveness and safety have not always been verified, so the best practice is to consult your vet if you are considering this type of treatment for your cat.
  9. 9. Pheromone products: Pheromone-based products were first introduced in the United States in 2001 to help tackle problems related to feline anxiety such as splashing, scratching and aggression. It is not clear whether cats are effective in the heat. Consult a veterinarian for a medical opinion

At any of the four stages of mating in cats, may my cat be ready for pregnancy??

The four stages of heat in cats

  • Pregnancy in cats occurs in the second stage of the mating in cats, which we mentioned previously in the name of estrus
  • Knowing that cats are Induced ovulatory, meaning that ovulation (the release of ova into the fallopian tube) occurs only by mating.
  • Mating in cats occurs 3-4 times during the 24 hours until ovulation occurs.
  • The mating process may only take a few minutes, according to the University of Minnesota saying that the entire mating process takes 0.5-9 minutes, and it may mate several times in short periods.
  • Females may mate with several males, resulting in a number of fetuses of different parents.
  • When cat get in heat and the successful conception process occurs, the female comes out of estrus within a day or two.

What are the signs of successful mating and conception in cats?

The behavior of mating in cats is unexpected and fast. If you want your cat to undergo a successful mating and conception process that results in pregnancy in cats, you should make sure of some signs following the mating process, including:

  1. striking out at the male (76.9% of 120 strains)
  2. Licking the vulva (92.3%)
  3. Rolling (100.0%).
  4. Some queens exhibited hyper salivation with licking of the posterior and back limbs pregnancy in cats How to take care and Nursing

Artificial insemination in cats:

  • Artificial insemination is used in cats to preserve distinctive strains or to form strains with specific traits that result from the mating of two different strains
  • Artificial insemination requires stimulating ovulation by giving the gonadotropin (GnRH) or human pregnancy hormone (HCG) on day 2-4 after signs of estrus appear after 24-48 hours after receiving inoculation from ejaculate by manual ejaculation or electric ejaculation.
  • It was reported that at least 80 million sperms should be injected.
  • The reported pregnancy rates vary from 57-78%.
  • Advanced reproductive techniques, including embryo transfer and reproduction, have been successfully performed in cats but are not readily available
  • Cats that are stimulated to ovulate but do not occur pregnancy will pass the stage of the presence of the long-term luteal body lasts 45-60 days, which is the stage in which the cat does not enter the estrus, mating in cats or pregnancy

How long does the pregnancy last in cats??

From 63 to 71 days, with an average of nine weeks, or 65 days.

 Is it possible to prevent pregnancy?

  • The best thing that veterinarians recommend in this case is neutering (removal of the uterus and ovaries) and the best age to do so is six months. 

Would I prefer to have my cat become pregnant even once before neutering??

  • There is no convincing reason for this Cats marry their mother’s, relatives from the son or brother from his sister. Pregnancy may happen unknowingly and may have contributed to the increase in the number of cats and the problems associated with that.
  • The theory that claims that mating in cats even once may make them tender and quieter is incorrect

why you should spay and neuter your pet??


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