The four stages of heat in cats

Know when your cat accepts to mate

Know when your cat accepts to mate

heat in cats ??On average, a female cat is in heat for four to seven days. 

However, her heat may last as little as one day or as long as three weeks.

Unspayed female cats of reproductive age are called queens.

 Cats are polyoestrous, meaning that queens typically go into heat multiple times a year until they mate. 

What are the stages of the cat’s heat cycle: 

The first stage: known as proestrus, at this stage the female cat may attract the males, but it is not ready for mating and does not show any symptoms.

This stage may last for a day or two.

The second stage: known as estrus, this stage lasts for a week in more or less.

At this point, the queens attract males as they accept the mating process.

Showing the signs of heat …. Learn about it in detail here.

The third stage: known as interestrus, in case that there is no mating or that the cat has not become pregnant, she enters in this stage.heat in cats

This is the period between the heat cycles … where the estrogen hormone is too low and has no symptoms.

Perhaps in two to three weeks the cat may request to mate again.

The previous three stages continue throughout the mating season and are only interrupted by a pregnancy.

The fourth stage: known as anestrus, which is the stage of inactivity in the sexual activity of cats … as its hormones are inactive with a complete absence of mating activity.

Wild cats and cats living outside the home have a heat cycle between spring and autumn.

This is because the number of sunlight hours are more.heat in cats

On days when the number of sunlight hours is less (between October and January), this does not motivate the cat to enter heat cycle.heat in cats

For cats who live in the house and are exposed to artificial lighting most of the time, they enter in the heat cycle throughout the year.heat in cats

Why should cats be prevented from entering heat cycle?

  • During the heat cycle, your cat may try to go out of the house to marry a male abroad.

 which may harm her or make her exposed to sexual diseases.

  • If your cat is pregnant at a young age before the year 

Her body is not ready, which may put her in trouble at the time of birth and general maternity behaviour may happen.

  • Seeking marriage is one of the most stressful issues in cats….

 You find your cat loses a lot of weight with hair loss along with other behavioural problems.heat in cats

  • By marrying your cat and having several kittens, you increase the problem of increasing the number of homeless cats.heat in cats

 Because many people cannot raise this number every time … they put them either on the street or in a shelter

Therefore, the most appropriate solution is to perform the sterilization process … to know its importance from here

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