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Feeding new born puppies in 7 steps

before starting to feed new born puppies

The presence of small puppies at home is one of the most joyful things, but it is also accompanied by a great responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the breeder, providing a healthy environment suitable for your pet is all that the breeders seek, including the way of dealing, raising and the appropriate feeding system Feeding new born puppies

And if you are wondering about the feeding new born puppies, when do you start providing food for the puppies and what is the quality of food, etc., here you will find answers to your questions and more

feeding new born puppies

  • In the beginning it is very necessary to know that each stage in the dog’s life has a method that must be followed to ensure normal and free of problems growth, meaning that each age stage differs in the number and quantity of meals from the next stage and so on.
  • We do not interfere with feeding new born puppies from the age of one day to the age of 30 or 35 days, and only the mother is the one who takes care of feeding her young and taking care of them, but nevertheless we must pay attention to the good nutrition of the mother during the breastfeeding period.
  • The process of feeding new born puppies in the first three months needs careful care; The educator should start to convert the puppy from the mother’s milk diet to the puppy’s diet gradually and regularly by keeping him away for short and long periods of time from his mother.
  • The importance of this step is to make the puppy gradually move away from the mother’s care.
  • This process is called weaning, and it is preferable to start in the third or fourth week.
  • There is no need to feed the puppy any additional food before weaning, but in case of sick mother whose not produce enough milk, formula milk or a veterinarian is used for guidance.
  • During weaning, the dog is fed processed food intended for dogs and moistened with warm water, and food is presented repeatedly after weaning to maintain the level of blood sugar, and if any side effects occur, such as diarrhea and vomiting, the veterinarian should be consulted as soon as possible.
  • One of the most important foods that are suitable for puppies and provide them with important nutrients is warm milk and low-fat soups, whether it is meat or chicken soup, and rice, bread and vegetables are added to the soup, and puppies can also be fed with meat after it is boiled and chopped well so that it is easy to digest with respect to Young puppies whose stomachs cannot handle heavy food dog gain weight | Ask your vet before deciding to your dog gain weight

How to feeding new born puppies

The 7 most important information about feeding new born puppies, so that you can know how to deal with puppies and feed them completely

  • The food is presented to the puppies after cooking it well, considering that the food is placed in low, flat containers so that the puppies can eat it
  • It is preferable to provide food to dogs together so that there is competition between them and a struggle to eat, especially that there are some puppies who do not eat enough and this is an encouragement for them to eat enough food
  • The puppies must be observed while they are eating to find out which puppies need more food, to know which ones have had enough and eat more of it to be kept away from the rest of the puppies.
  • The food is divided into four parts, and each part is served separately from the other throughout the day, so that the puppies get used to the diet and their food is appropriate for their size and age.
  • If you notice that a puppy is not eating enough, you must go to the veterinarian quickly to find out the reason for this.
  • Besides food, attention must be paid to putting clean water, as it is very important, considering that the water is renewed from time to time, for example it can be changed after every 4 consecutive hours because the water quickly picks up viruses and bacteria from the air, which makes it negatively affect the health of the puppies if it is not changed continuously.
  • Feed the puppy at the same time every day. Puppies are like children, that is, they must stick to a schedule. You must bear in mind that the puppy has a small stomach and cannot get its caloric needs for the day in two large meals. However, as he grows, his stomach expands in proportion to his body and can handle larger meals and fewer frequent meals.
    • If the puppy is under 3 months old, feed him 4 meals a day.
    • If the puppy is between 3-6 months old, feed him 3 meals a day.
    • If the puppy is 6 months or older, feed him two meals a day

How do I choose a high-quality system for feeding new born puppies?

  • Pippa Elliot, an expert veterinarian, says: “The amount of food you feed your dog is just as important as what you feed your dog. If you give him a lot of food, even if it is good food, this leads to weight gain which could ultimately shorten the dog’s life.”
  • During the first six months of a puppy’s life, nutritional needs change very quickly, so asking your veterinarian is a good idea since veterinarians usually recommend the best diet for the puppy’s age and health.
  • You can find out whether the food will meet the puppy’s needs by checking the package label to find out whether the food is intended for feeding new born puppies and provides complete nutritional elements for them, as the label must indicate the food is intended for any stage of life
  • Evaluate the puppy’s health after a month or six weeks of eating, the puppy should be playful and active, with thick, shiny fur, and pay attention; formed brown stool is a sign that the puppy is digesting most of the nutrients in the food Dog feeding per day | what amount i should feeding my dog?

How often should a puppy eat?

  • The system of feeding new born puppies should include feeding the puppies three times a day, starting from weaning till four to six months.
  • After six months, feeding twice a day is good, as puppies need to eat a lot of calories to support their rapid growth, so puppies grow quickly in the first five months.
  • Look for the recommendations on the food label on the amount of feeding new born puppies, and do not forget to consult a veterinarian, as he is the best one who can help you.

What kind of candy or snacks should I use in the system of feeding new born puppies?

  • Many pet owners like to reward their dogs with candy or snacks, but it is best to limit them, since puppies need a lot of nutrients to grow, it is important to give them food that provides complete and balanced nutrition, so the puppy should get most of his calories from puppy food instead of foods that do not provide complete nutrition.
  • Experts recommend that the calories of dessert for puppies not exceed 5% of the calories from foods.
  • Choose a small size candy for your puppy, and it is preferable to provide healthy snacks such as carrots, green beans or sweet peppers, as they are healthy meals without many calories.

When should I switch from puppy food to adult dog food?

  • Once the puppies reach 90% of the expected weight when they are an adult dog, they must switch from system of feeding new born puppies for growth to a diet suitable for adult dogs, and small breeds may end up growing from 9 to 12 months. As for large breeds, expect that They are full grown at 12-18 months.
  • In the end, after you know the most important information about feeding new born puppies to maintain their health and the safety of their growth, remember that appropriate veterinary care is the prerogative of the veterinarian, so do not neglect his advice regarding your pets Raw food in dogs’ advantages and disadvantages


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