The most important dog vaccination

New life with a new family…a lot of details

The most important dog vaccination

dog vaccination ؟؟ New life with a new family…a lot of details & many of information to be known, that’s how raising a dog could be at the beginning.

But the most important info that 90% of owners ask about is …what are the most important dog vaccinations??

In this article we will discuss dog vaccination in general:dog vaccination

What are the most important dog vaccinations??

When I suppose to begin the journey of vaccination with my dog??

Are the dog vaccinations safe for my dog??dog vaccination

Are they expensive??

Can I postpone some doses of dog vaccinations??

So here we go….

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What are the most important dog vaccinations??

The names of vaccination differ from country to country and from company to another.

In general dog vaccination should cover those viruses -which are the core viruses to be covered-dog vaccination

Are they expensive??dog vaccinations


There is also the corona virus which is presents in some vaccines but it’s not recommended to be given as said by AAHA  and WSAVA

Bacteria of Leptospira which is also present in some vaccines, is preferred to be given if your dog is supposed to other animals’ urine infected with Leptospira like in vaccination

One of the most important vaccines at all is the rabies vaccine, which is non live vaccine and is given separately from the other vaccines.

It protects against rabies.  Dog Get Rabies.

it’s given at the age of4 -6 months and to be repeated after a year or 3 years according to your country regulation against rabies virus.

When I suppose to begin the journey of vaccination with my dog?? 

Answering this question depends on the answer of these questions:

  1. Is this dog in a household or a farm??

If this dog was in a household, you can start your dog vaccination at the age of 45 days.

But if he was in a farm or a kennel in which he is more exposed to have viral infections you can start at day 28 with parvo virus vaccine.

The same if you are a breeder at your own vaccination

  1. Did this dog is breast fed or not??

The answer of the second question is also important and related to the previous question.

That’s the maternal immunity affects the puppy immunity in general and there are some vaccines that controversy the maternal vaccination

In general, if your puppy is breast fed you can begin its vaccination programme at the age of 45 days.

If not and you are of afraid to catch a virus infection especially in the cases of farms, kennels, and busy doghouse you could begin at the age of 28 days.

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Puppy Vaccination Schedule at a Glance 

The following is an example of a vaccination schedule that could be a good starting point for many dogs, although you should work with your veterinarian to establish something more specific to your pup’s vaccination

Age Vaccinations
7 weeks DA2PP

If needed: Intranasal Bordetella (kennel cough)

10 weeks DA2PP

If needed: Lyme disease, leptospirosis

13 weeks DA2PP

If needed: Lyme disease, leptospirosis

16 weeks DA2PP, rabies
1 year later DA2PP, rabies

If needed: Bordetella, Lyme disease, leptospirosis


Are the dog vaccinations safe for my dog??dog vaccination

Core vaccinations like DA2PP and the rabies vaccine are considered safe for most puppies. For these diseases, the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh their risks, and all dogs should have them as they protect against very serious diseases. Noncore vaccines are also very safe, but if your pet has little chance of coming in contact with the disease, there is probably little need for the vaccination

However, vaccines are biologic products and can cause adverse reactions and unpredictable side effects in dogs, regardless of age. Most reactions are minor, however, and easily managed, Vogelsang vaccination

Regardless of his age, if your dog is sick, vaccinations may not be recommended during his veterinary visit. The idea of a vaccine is to stimulate antibody production from a healthy immune system, so if that is compromised, the vaccine may not only be ineffective, but harmful as vaccination

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Are the dog vaccinations expensive??

It differs from country to country and from clinic to clinic and of course it will be nice if your dog has a medical insurance.

Some clinics make offers on dog vaccinations programme …check out your nearest clinic vaccination

Can I Skip Any Vaccinations for My Puppy? (subheading)

Puppy vaccinations should be administered on a veterinarian-recommended schedule and none in the core series should be vaccination

The shots give as a part of this series are to prevent diseases that can be deadly to puppies or cause significant illness, which is why it’s important to follow the advice of your veterinarian when it comes to your puppy’s vaccination schedule.

Maternal antibodies disappear by the age of 14 to 16 weeks, and the reason for the series is to give the puppy protection for each disease as the maternal antibodies weaken and disappear, she adds.

If you have concerns about the safety of any vaccine,

or if your puppy has an allergic reaction to a vaccine, you should talk to your veterinarian about the risks and benefits associated with that shot for your puppy and decide where to go from there.

For adult dogs, if you have concerns about routine booster shot administration, you can request that your vet complete a titter test to measure for existing antibodies.

If the level of antibody is protective, that vaccine can be safely skipped.

Vaccine titter tests are available for canine distemper virus, canine parvovirus, canine adenovirus, and rabies virus.

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