3 tips prevent dog chewing furniture

Learn how to prevent your dog from chewing

Learn how to prevent your dog from chewing things he shouldn’t 

Nothing is more fun than playing with a puppy or a dog …. But what spoils this joy is your dog chewing on your personal belongings … Find with us 3 tips to prevent your dog from chewing chewing furniture

3 نصائح لمنع كلبك من مضغ الأشياء | dog chewing furniture

First advice: train your dog not to chew things dog chewing furniture

1- You should make sure that your dog does not have any health problems … some dogs do chewing behavior when they feel stressed.

  • Where there is a new emergency that makes him feel anxious, such as the entry and exit of foreign people on a daily basis, or the change of his home.
  • There is a lack of nutrients you provide to your dog or  if there are worms. dog chewing furniture

Follow up with your veterinarian if you notice any other symptoms with chewing, such as weight loss, vomiting, or diarrhea.

2- Try to make your dog understand two basic ideas. Chewing your own things is a bad thing and he will be punished … Chewing a game is good behaviour that deserves a reward.

  • When you find that your dog started chewing furniture or your personal belongings, tell him no or a bad dog with a strong and firm voice and try to take it from him and give him one of his toys.
  • When he responds to you, give him a reward … and if he tries to escape with what he was that he was chewing, do not run after him, then this will be considered playing.
  • Never punish him physically, as this will increase his sense of stress, which makes the problem more complicated.
  • Do not punish him for the act of chewing during your absence, as he will not understand the reason for the punishment.
  • When you find your dog chewing his own toy, approach him and pet him and give him rewards … With training, he will realize that good behavior deserves chewing furniture

3- You may need to spray some bitter taste stuff on things that you do not want your dog to chew on

Do not use toxic substances, of course … This method may work for things that do not move, such as furniture.

  • This method may not work for you completely, as some dogs may continue to chew despite the bitter taste.
  • This mixture may be successful (white vinegar with hot chili, pepper, and lemon juice with water) and spray to the desired location.

3 نصائح لمنع كلبك من مضغ الأشياء | dog chewing furniture

The second advice: give your dog healthy alternatives dog chewing furniture

1– Encourage good chewing by providing the dog with toys. Rewards … The more toys that can be chewed, the lower the incidence of chewing on your personal belongings such as:

Chewing strips

Teething rings

  • ropes
  • toys with voice

Raw bones (but raw bones can present a choking hazard, such as chicken bones)

  • Kong toys (which can be filled with food have a very good effect as the dog will be busy looking for food)

2- Small puppies When you are teething, their teeth often hurt, try to give them something to soothe the pain.

  • You can use a wet towel and freeze it until they chew chewing furniture
  • Carrots and frozen cucumbers are also an excellent solution.

3- Try to spend more time with your dog … dogs do not only want toys but need a lot of play and as a good usage of their energy and spend more time with you.

Try to get out at least once a day for 20 minutes in a park, for example, and play with it a fetch game. This will help reduce bad dog chewing behavior.

3 نصائح لمنع كلبك من مضغ الأشياء | dog chewing furniture

Third advice: Prevent damage to your private property

1- Keep the dog out from everything that might reach his teeth and can chew it like books, TV set, chewing furniture

Not putting these things in front of the dog will reduce his bad chewing behavior.

2- Don’t make your dog confused. When you give him your old shoes to chew it, he does not understand why he is not chewing the new one either.

Stay away from toys that resemble your own possessions.

3- When you are outside the house … isolate the dog in a place designated for him as a doghouse and have a good area that allows him to move freely, and not to perform chewing behavior in your absence.

4-make your dog recognize the order “leave it” if you want to spend more time and effort training your dog.

Hold two treats, each in a different chewing furniture

Show one and tell your dog with a firm voice. Leave it, pointing to what he is chewing

Do not let the dog take the treat, but make him look for them and lick your hand and do not respond to him.

When he loses interest in this hand and the treat, give it the reward of the other hand with a decent encouragement.

Continue this exercise until your dog responds when you say “leave it” at any time.

This teaches your dog that ignoring everything he wants to chew or bite from inappropriate things will be rewarded.

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