What causes diarrhea in dogs??

Check out the most common causes for diarrhea in dogs

Check out the most common causes for diarrhea

Diarrhea is a symptom not a disease by itself …and there are a lot of things that cause diarrhea. Diarrhea may lead diarrhea in dogs

to dehydration. so, it’s not a thing to be underestimated. Most of owners want to know how to treat diarrhea but

first you should know what causes it…then you many know its treatment.

What are the most common causes of diarrhea?? 

All forms of worms (hook- tape- pin worms) Bacterial or viral infections Food incoordination (time of meals- served

amount-type of food served-the bowels and its materials) Changing between two types of food. Some medication

like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory or heart medications. Gastritis. Sometimes it can be caused by anxiety and stress.

How diarrhea can be diagnosed??

Whatever is the cause your dog vet must have a full medical history for the case and do the appropriate physical

examination. Sometimes he may request blood or stool sample for analysis according to what are his doubts in

diagnosis…and this is a thing to be discussed between both of you. He may also request x-ray or ultrasonography.

Sometimes the cause of diarrhea could be a very simple one like eating trash… but that is a thing to be determined

by the vet using the appropriate lab analysis.diarrhea in dogs

How to treat diarrhea?? diarrhea in dogs

Knowing what causes diarrhea makes it easier to be treated…the cause may be a minor thing that needs to depend

on a good feeding system ..and some drugs containing kaolin and pectin descripted by a vet. Enhancing the type of

food- you serve to your dog- its timing, type of bowels you use for your dog food could help a lot in solve the

diarrhea problem All the up mentioned stuff you should council your dog vet how to do it in a right  manner. The vet

may prescribe some anti-inflammatory, mobility enhancer drugs…or maybe antiemetics if there

was vomiting with the diarrhea.diarrhea in dogs

When I need to visit the vet??

If the diarrhea persists for 24 hrs, bloody or tarry stool. The dog goes off food with lethargy.diarrhea in dogs

If it’s companied with vomiting don’t wait and go to the vet immediately. It’s serious.

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