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Cats’ fear of cucumbers,how to avoid them??

Are cats afraid of cucumbers?

One of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet is: Is cats’ fear of cucumbers real? Since it is strange, isn’t it?

The idea of cats’ fear of cucumbers seems completely ridiculous. However, many people claim that cats already fear these harmless vegetables.

You may have watched various videos on YouTube that seem to confirm this theory. Or, you may have tried “test it” with your own furball.

In the videos, the cats turn their faces away, and their owners put a secret cucumber behind them. When the cats turn around, they get stunned by the vegetables that were not there before, often jumping back. Although the videos and cat reactions are shocking, the question what the cause for cats’ fear of the cucumbers.

So, is cats fear of cucumbers realistic?

This depends on the cat. Although cats are great predators and prominent hunters, they are not completely fearless … which explains cats’ fear of cucumbers.

Cats can be afraid of all sorts of things. The most common causes are sudden and unfamiliar:

  • the noise
  • sights
  • Smells

Anything can scare your cat if it is not expected. For cats, the unknown equals the potential risk of another predator.

Sneaking on your cat with cucumbers may scare him. Vegetables do not make any noise, but they are suddenly there – large, unfamiliar, resting in plain sight. So, when your cat finally sees it, she is surprised.

Imagine that

It may chill your body in your home and knows that there is nothing wrong with eyesight, hearing and smell. So, when you suddenly see a stranger sitting in a corner, you immediately feel amazed. Cats don’t quite see the cucumber as exotic cats, but they still see them as unexpected, calm and unfamiliar things that can be dangerous.

Sometimes the silence of the dreadful cucumber is more frightening than something that produces loud noises. He is like a predator who watches them silently.

Unknown, seemingly threatening things may trigger sudden “cat responses”. Jumping, increasing heart rate and an aggressive response are how your cat responds to a surprise. When trying stimuli, your cat’s muscles stiffen and curve on its back. The cat’s heart rate increases and the response to fear increases.

These responses are not limited to cats. Humans and other animals also respond to unexpected surprises. You may have jumped or screamed at the sudden loud noises, your heart rate increased, and you were nervous in the next minute or so. Why cats chase lasers

Cucumbers might remind cats of snakes

Some people associate the cats’ fear of cucumbers with their fear of snakes. Snakes are extremely dangerous predators, which can easily attack and kill a feline furball.

According to Dr. Jill Goldman, a California-based animal behaviourist, cats may associate cucumbers with snakes too.

This theory asserts that a cat’s brain confuses the cucumbers’ long green exterior and the noiseless presence with the same qualities of these predatory reptiles. But that’s still only a theory. Learn the secret of cat whiskers

Here is why you should not try to scare cats with cucumber

As mentioned earlier, cats’ fear of cucumbers makes them want to get away as soon as they can (hence the leap in the air). In a bid to get away, a cat may break something, hurt others in the vicinity or even injure itself. It may also lead to prolonged stress for the cat.

Research on the effects of inducing the startle response on rodents and humans have shown that repeated “surprises” can induce anxiety and sustained stress.  This can also be applied to cats and many other mammals. Sustained anxiety and stress can reduce the overall well-being of your pet and impairing their immune system making them more susceptible to diseases.

Trying to scare a cat like this is not just wrong, but quite cruel. Instead of shoving a new toy or a cucumber at them, try to gradually introduce it to your cat. Repeated exposure will, eventually, make the cat comfortable with the cucumber or whatever else. They get habituated to the object, as a neuroscientist might say.

Soon, they’ll be able to differentiate that a cucumber isn’t a snake and just a harmless edible cylinder.

Some people on Quora have opinions about cats’ fear of cucumbers 

Modi Ramos, Writer & Editor  Cats’ fear of cucumbers

Cats are quick to react to anything in which they feel is a threat. You could suddenly move and although your cat trusts you with their life, they could jump clear out of the chair they’re comfortably resting in. In the wild, cats are predators, but they are also prey. It’s hardwired into their DNA to be quick to react. And those cat reflexes are quite impressive. For years now, people have seemed to grow a strange fascination with cats and cucumbers. Not all cats are afraid of cucumbers, but there are some cats that are so afraid of cucumbers the sight of one will quickly send them flying.

Donna Fernstrom, Reptile keeper and breeder, wildlife observation and ecology hobbyist. Cats’ fear of cucumbers

They’re not afraid of cucumbers. They’re startled by jerks who sneak up behind them and place unfamiliar large objects there while they’re busy eating. You’d be startled if you turned around and suddenly there was traffic barrel or palm tree right behind you that wasn’t there 2 seconds earlier. 7 benefits for raising cats indoors 

Ira Van den Heuvel 

For the same reason some people get jumpy, shriek or exclaim when they hear a loud noise they weren’t expecting.

Not all cats will do this. Cats, like people, come in a variety of personalities and all the associated quirks. Some are jumpier than others. More nervous sorts. Others won’t even flinch when a door is slammed or Uncle Buck’s car backfires. Same goes for felines. The ones that get startled by the sight of a cucumber are the nervous sorts. Mind you, this only ever happens when stealth and the element of surprise are employed when placing the cucumber behind Mr. Kitty. I bet you your next paycheck that the same cat you see jumping in surprise at the first glimpse of a cucumber snuck behind them in a YouTube video will merely stare at it if presented with the same in any other circumstance. By the way, the people who do this to startle cats for their stupid YouTube videos are assholes. Don’t even watch these stupid videos. When they get views, you support their cause. Please don’t support assholes and their dumb ideas like this.


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