Cat Feeding Schedule

How often you should feed your cat??

What is the most appropriate feeding system for your cat??

After you’ve been able to find an appropriate cat food type … the most important question always comes, what are the times for cat feeding??Cat feeding schedule

Do I leave her food all day? | Or is it enough for two or three meals a day?? | Can younger cats eat older cat food?? 

In this article we will try to cover all the points related to developing a healthy cat diet and how to set a schedule for the cat’s feeding times

cat feeding scheduleIt is the habit that controls cat feeding times:Cat Cat Feeding Schedule

  • You can use this feature to set a cat food schedule and stick to it. Feeding cats at a specific time gives them a sense of safety and expectation for what is to come, so the dates of feeding cats become a basic daily routine.
  • This feeding routine helps cats to accept any variables that may occur (the presence of a newborn baby – the presence of another person to look after with the travel of the original breeders … and so on)
  • It also helps a lot when changing from one type of food to another. The body at meal times is ready to accept any type of food. the incentive of hunger has a big factor … and it makes the process of change easier and more flexible.

The physiological structure of a cat’s stomach is very simple … Because of this simple structure, when the stomach is full it begins to send food to the small intestine, and after 8-12 hours it begins sending messages of hunger to the brain. Cat eating dates.

Therefore, two meals per day is an ideal number of meals that can be served to your cat … knowing that having food throughout the day and letting your cat rotate on it is not recommended.

What does it mean that imbalance in the cat’s feeding times??cat feeding schedule

An imbalance in the cat’s feeding times and the healthy food for cats means a warning about an upcoming health problem… As the cat adheres to a specific eating schedule, the daily routine becomes stronger. Failure to eat or not completing the meal foreshadows a problem that needs to set an appointment with the vet.

 What factors affect the cat’s eating times:

1- Age Factor:Cat feeding schedule

Cats 3-6 months of age may need three meals a day from the age of 6 months to maturity, they need two meals a day.

  • Young cats need more meals than older cats, which makes cats need healthy food for cats more than twice a day.
  • Leaving food in front of young cats in what is known as the free food system is not recommended at all, as it exposes cats to problems of obesity, bones, joints and diabetes. Also, eating too much in one meal may cause bloating and slow digestion.
  • Small cats know what they call specific weight when they reach puberty .. That is, when they reach puberty, their weight is established by a specific number that increases or decreases a few grams. Cat eating dates
  • Following a slow diet and controlling food intake improves the shape and overall health of the body when reaching puberty.
  • Once cats reach the age of maturity – at the age of the year – two meals are sufficient for them and they can be shortened to one meal. The same thing can be applied to older cats (7 years and over). You do not need to change this routine as long as there are no health problems that require changing the food routine.

cat feeding schedule2- General health of cats:

  • If your cat is diabetic, you must give him a meal when the insulin dose comes.
  • If your cat is ill with an enlarged thyroid gland, he may want to eat all the time … Try to treat this problem, whether with medication or surgically, depending on the progression of the condition and feed your cat naturally with the healthy food for cats.Cat feeding schedule
  • In cases of dental problems, the eating rate may decrease due to the pain. Follow up with the veterinarian to solve this problem. Try to provide a wet food or mix dry food with a wet food intake with water so that it can chew food with the lowest rate of pain.

diet for cats with kidney diseases

3- Food temperature:

Cats prefer food close to their body temperature (about 101 ° F / 38 ° C).

  • If you are eating canned food from the refrigerator, it must be heated in the microwave (and stirred well) or heated by adding some hot water

4- Cat sterilization operations:

Some research indicates that the cat’s appetite that has been sterilized can increase after the sterilization process 

  • To protect from being overweight and obese during this time, it is advised to feed your cat meals of healthy food for the cats you control – rather than allowing him to eat as he pleases.

Do the requirements for food in cats in males differ from females?

Female cats have a different appetite than male cats. Depending on the stage of life the cat is currently experiencing, whether it is sterilized, pregnant or nursing, there are important nutritional facts that every cat breeder must know.

As a general rule for all cats, appropriate healthy food for cats and nutrition differ based on a number of factors, such as age, breed, gender, activity level, behavior, environment, and metabolism.

What is the common system for determining when to feed cats?

Disadvantages Advantages definition system
Your cat may beg you to feed her between meals … Some cats do not know how much cat food it must to eat.

But as long as you follow up with the vet the amount and type of food that is appropriate for your cat and the appropriate times for it, do not worry about the amount of food that you need, it will completely satisfy it.

  1. You can follow what your cat is eating and note any change in the appetite.
  2. If you have more than one cat, you can control what each cat eats. There is no control cat that eats all the food, increases the weight, and leaves little to the rest of the cats.
  • Provide your cat with food at meal times during the day.
  • This system can be followed either in dry or wet food.
  • Meal system
1- It puts your cat at risk of obesity … you may not be able to determine whether or not your cat’s appetite has changed.

2- If you have more than one cat, the matter may get worse and there may be a controlling cat that eats large quantities and leaves little to others.


It enables your cat to eat a few meals according to its cat feeding schedule.Cat feeding schedule

  • Leave food all the time in front of your cat.

• This system is approved with dry cat food only, as wet food is damaged

• If you notice that your cat has left dry food for several days in the food dish, it must be changed in order to be sure of its suitability to eat

Free feeding system
1. It causes your cat to eat a lot, which may lead to obesity.

Therefore, it is important to measure the amount you give your cat according to the veterinarian’s instructions, and only refill it the next day.

1- It allows you to follow your cat’s appetite even if only in a simple way and noticing any change that may occur.

2- Provides your cat with nutritional benefits for both dry and wet eating (keeps teeth healthy)

3- Some diseases, such as kidney disease, need your cat’s food to have a lot of water

4- It makes your cat free to eat multiple small meals throughout the day according to its own schedule.

Offer wet food twice a day

As a meal and left Dry food available all day

Combination of

Meal system and

Free feeding system

After you know the various cat feeding systems, you should listen to the nutritionists ’advice for each of the previous regimens:

  1. cat feeding scheduleTips from Nutritionists for a Nutritional Meal System:

  • If your house has more than one cat, try to provide a plate of food for each cat alone and the same with water.
  • Try to be the place of cat food is a quiet place that many people do not move because cats love calm and isolation at the time of eating.
  • The number of meals your cat may offer may depend on the eating times of the family, but the fewest number of meals is two meals, including approximately 12 hours.
  • In the case of providing a meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and before bedtime, it may be considered an acceptable choice, but the problem is that the fewer hours between meals reduces the stomach acidity.
  1. Advice from Nutritionists for a Free feeding System:Cat feeding schedule

  • Although this system may expose your cat to obesity, you can somehow control it.
  • Measure the amount of cat food puts every day and when it ends, do not fill it again. Rather, be patient for the next day. This will teach your cat to distribute his meals himself throughout the day and not eat all food once.
  • This solution will also be difficult if you have more than one cat at home.
  1. Expert advice for mixing meal and free feeding system:
  • You can use toys that put food and make your cat look for them, as these games
  • Spreading the challenge spirit of your cat and making her feel hungry, ending her entire meal and distracting her from ordering food between meals
  • If you have a house that has more than one cat, the blending system and the free system are not recommended, and the best is the meal system
  • It will allow everyone to eat equal amounts of food without having control over one cat.

What is the best food for my cat??

Many owners are wondering whether it is best to rely only on dry cat food or wet cat food … or both. In fact, it can

Depending on both, they both have many benefits in providing your cat with the necessary nutrients. Dry eating may be cheaper than wet eating, but it is kept fresh for longer periods, unlike wet eating, and it maintains healthy teeth.What is the appropriate food for cats??

Determining cat feeding schedule is to maintain their general health:

Loving your cat does not mean placing limitless amounts of food .. a food portion causes obesity greatly and exposes it to greater health problems. According to research carried out by Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine on 2,000 fat cats, I found that fat cats:

  • It is 4 times prone to diabetes and a text on cats of ideal weight. Feline eating cats
  • It is 7 times more prone to arthritis and muscles than cats of ideal weight.
  • 3 times more infections of the skin, but less capacity to clean themselves. When to eat cats
  • Prone to death in the middle of life, that is, at the age of 6- 12 years.

 What should I do if I change to a new food?

Diet changes are made for a variety of reasons, such as:

1- The need to control weight

2- Risk management

3- Health status.

  • If your cat is sick and now requires new food, it is important to wait until you feel healthy and eat its usual food
  • The process of changing to a new food must be done through carefully studied steps. Here are some tips that may contribute greatly to speeding up this process:

1- Leave each meal of the new cat food for no more than one hour at a time.

2- Serve the new food in a familiar food bowl along with its regular food. Many cats will easily eat new food within a few days, but others may take a week or more (sometimes up to 6 weeks), so it is helpful to be patient.

3- Once you eat new cat food every day, you can start reducing the amount of old food available by 25% every day until the change is complete.

4- Make sure you know the minimum food a cat should eat daily, and contact your veterinarian for advice if it eats less than the recommended amount

When to call your vet?

Watch out for changes in your cat’s eating and drinking behavior, as this may indicate an error. See your vet if your cat:

  • Eat normally well but stops suddenly
  • Did not eat for 48 hours
  • His appetite developed with greed
  • Eat only one side of his mouth
  • It makes loud noises when they eat
  • Drinking starts significantly more than usual
  • Loses weight for no apparent reason
  • Vomiting or suffering from diarrhea
  • Regular eating and drinking and the healthy food for cats are essential to your cat’s health. If your cat does not eat, even for a few days, the potentially fatal liver condition may develop in severe cases.


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