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Cat feeding mistakes And how to correct it? 

What is the most common Cat feeding mistakes?

Cats feeding is a core activity for you, an activity that probably doesn’t seem difficult. Just buy some cat food at the pet store and put it on the cat food bowl, right? Well, it’s more complicated than that.Cat feeding mistakes

Cats have certain nutritional needs and may have preferences even when it comes to putting their food bowl. Feeding the cat incorrectly, can lead to obesity or behavioural problems. Here are six cat feeding mistakes you may make, and how to correct a path for your cat’s best health and happiness.

1- Forget about the basic needs in cat feeding

According to some veterinarians, another mistake of cat feeding mistakes is trying to make cats vegetarian or in other words, they only eat vegetables.

Cats are carnivores, which means they must eat mainly meat and animal organs to thrive. For example, the amino acid taurine is only found in animal tissues. Lack of taurine can cause your cat to have heart problems, blindness, and even death.

 Some owners believe that the nutrients that cats need from meat can be provided in food artificially, but you must be very careful, and be aware of your cat’s nutritional needs because most of us are not completely sure of our special nutritional needs, it may be impossible to guess the needs of our cats. Learn about a healthy cat diet

2-Don’t ignore calories in cat’s feeding

In addition to making recommendations for a balanced diet, your veterinarian can ensure that your cat follows a proper calorie diet.

Most pet food manufacturers will provide information on the number of calories on their website as well as a chart of recommended feeding instructions on the back of a cat food bag or treat. But this may not accurately consider your cat’s unique caloric needs.

Too many calories may be one of the most common cat feeding mistakes which may lead to your cat to gain unaccounted weight that may affect the heart, joints, and respiratory system. Learn about the Cats’ weight-reduction plan

Your veterinarian is best at making a calorie recommendation to keep your cat healthy in weight, especially if you want to mix dry and canned food as well as treats in their diet … or include homemade in your cat feeding program.

3- Depending on one type of food while cat feeding

Interest in homemade food for cats is increasing. It is important to realize that homemade food does not always mean health.

That’s because when making cat food from scratch, some people fail to balance the meat with the right amount of calcium, forgetting that the cat will eat both meat and bones of its prey, providing an appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorous and this is one of the common cat feeding mistakes.

Very heavy cat diets in tuna, liver or liver oil (such as cod liver oil) can lead to vitamin A poisoning, which leads to bone and joint pain, osteoporosis, and dry skin. A diet rich in raw fish can destroy vitamin B1, resulting in muscle weakness, seizures, or brain damage.

 It also warns that raw eating diets can be deficient in essential animal acids, such as taurine, which can lead to heart disease.

If you as a owner want to make your cat’s food at home, you should follow a properly balanced recipe. Learn how to make healthy homemade food for cats

Despite popular belief, wet cat food generally has fewer calories, which can be due to its high-water content.

Many dry foods use carbohydrates to bind food to stick together. Therefore, canned food is often higher in protein and less in carbohydrates than dry food. In addition, high water content in canned foods is helpful for kidney problems and can help prevent other urinary problems.Cat feeding mistakes

Conversely, many cat breeders believe that dry food helps prevent dental diseases. In fact, chewing dry food or cat rewards can help prevent plaque from forming on the teeth, but many cats swallow food completely or chew it only on one side of its mouth, which eliminates the purpose. Know the right food for your cat?? 

4-Thinking your cat will not overeat

As an animal lover, you are probably familiar with the idea that dogs have endless appetite, but cats are more subtle and not inclined to indulge. However, experts say this is not the case. “Someone started spreading rumours with one of the most common cat feeding mistakes, which is that cats will only eat what they need, but this is not true,” says Dr. Sasha Gibbons of Just Cats Veterinary Hospital in Connecticut. Unfortunately, many cats are voracious.

This is approved by Dr. Jonathan Stockman, a certified veterinary nutritionist at Colorado State University. “A lot of people feed their cats freely, and that’s the way to eat excessively,” he says. “We expect our pets to organize by themselves, but this does not work well for people and does not work with pets either.”

The solution? Don’t unleash your cat and track how much he eats. Stockman recommends feeding certain amounts daily and keeping track of how much your cat consumed by weighing the food bowl in the morning and at the end of the day and adjusting as needed.Cat feeding mistakes

5-The most common cat feeding mistake: Little water

Water is necessary for cats as well as for people. ASPCA experts say water is essential to life, and accounts for 60% to 70% of an adult cat’s body weight. Serious water shortages can have serious repercussions for pets, causing serious illness such as kidney disease, urinary tract or death Learn about the diet of cats with kidney diseases

Although wet foods can meet your cat’s water needs, cats should also have many freshwater sources available at home.Cat feeding mistakes

Pay attention to where your cat prefers and provide water there and know that some cats prefer running water; Others can discover the taste of chlorine in tap water so you may want to buy bottled water for them.

6-Not taking into account the cat feeding environment

You may have considered your personal comfort when choosing a place for your cat’s food and water bowel, and make sure that the bowels will not be under the feet, but what does the cat think about that site?

If you use an area close to your cat’s litterbox, it may be uncomfortable for cats and the smell may prevent them from eating. Cats are more selective in being healthy. Food and water should also be kept clean.


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