Can I give my dog sweets

Sugar, ice cream, chocolate, cakes

What type of sugar you should give to your dog??

give my dog sweets ?? Sugar, ice cream, chocolate, cakes are these sweets safe for my dog??
Absolutely not, and this is not the right question the right one is which type of carbohydrate I should give to my dog??
Dogs eat carbohydrates daily in its meal from its source like potato, rice and some fruits as treats.
Carbohydrates convert to glucose, fructose, to give dogs energy and for other benefits.
This whole operation is controlled by insulin from the pancreas.
what are the risks giving my dog sweets??

give my dog sweets

1-stomach upset

Dogs depends on some kinds of bacteria and other microorganisms to help them digest the food.
When you give your dog sweets continuously that affect the work of the bacteria digesting the food.
Which can make your dog may have diarrhea or vomiting with blood.

2- toxicity because of sweets

Chocolate can be toxic … which darker is more toxic than white one.
Chocolate has a substance called theobromine which dogs can’t digest causing:
Muscle seizures to convulsions.

give my dog sweets

3- dental caries give my dog sweets

Bacteria present in a dog mouth uses carbohydrates to make acids.
Those acids eat minerals present in the layer of enamel, so it is caries.
That the way we always recommend visiting the vet for the regular check-up of the tooth.

Clean your dog tooth up with the suitable toothpaste if you can’t you can use cotton with

give my dog sweets

4- sweets cause obesity give my dog sweets

Gaining weight is not always a healthy thing …cause when it turns to obesity, here we have a
Part in the metabolism of carbohydrates store the unneeded glucose as a fat used for the time in
which body needs energy.
Obesity causes many problems like heart, joints problems, difficulty of breathing and lethargy.

5- sweets cause diabetes give my dog sweets

Carbohydrates makes insulin come out of the pancreas; a lot of carbohydrates leads to a lot of
Cells can’t uptake that much insulin; high levels of insulin in the bloodstream sending signals to the
pancreas no more insulin.
Pancreas begins to produce low amount or no insulin that’s how diabetes happens.
Then my dog will need external insulin shots or some drugs to stimulate the pancreas to produce
insulin again.
At the end we hope to think twice before giving your dog any kind of sweets, ask your vet and he will
give you alternatives.
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