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Bengal cat | WHAT IS A BENGAL CAT?

The Bengal cat is a long, muscular, medium- to large-sized cat


The Bengal cat is a long, muscular, medium- to large-sized cat, with a broad head and muzzle, high cheekbones, and pronounced whisker pads. 

The eyes are round and wide, with dark markings around the eyes (mascara) and the ears small and rounded at the tips. 


The grace of a jungle cat is held as one of the positive characteristics, along with the ability to move quietly and with stealth. 

The back legs are slightly longer than the front legs, making the hind end a bit higher than the shoulders, and emphasizing the Bengal’s wild-cat appearance. 

The Bengal’s muscular, athletic build is one of its most defining features; it is never delicate.

The Bengal stands out among cats for its lush, dense, and remarkably soft coat. 

The distinctive leopard-like spots on the Bengal house cat can be random, aligned horizontally with rosettes that form a half circle, or in a marbled pattern. 

The preferred colours are black or brown spotted, and black or brown marbled, but breeders have also engineered Bengals that are snow spotted (white), and snow marbled. 

The spots should be in sharp contrast to the background colour.

Bengals often possess a trait called glittering, which makes the coat appear to have been dusted with gold or pearl. 



Because of its feral lineage, the Bengal is often assumed to be difficult to handle, but the reverse is true.

  Breeders insist that the Bengal can be tamed easily and has an affectionate personality, though it is not a lap cat. 

However, it does enjoy human company, and will often stay close to its family members. The Bengal cat breed particularly enjoys the company of children, since its energetic nature makes it very fond of playing games.

One of the traits the Bengal house cat retains from its wild ancestry is the hunting instinct — not only for small land animals, but also for water dwelling creatures.

 The Asian leopard has honed the ability to fish in the wild, and your domestic Bengal may very well carry this trait in the more playful form.

Swimming alongside of you, taking a shower or bath, or just playing in the sink.

A high energy cat, you will want to be sure to give your Bengal plenty of play time, and keep in mind that most high energy cats like to jump to high locations. 

You will want to keep breakable objects out of harm’s way and off open shelves; even, and perhaps especially, the highest shelves.

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