7 benefits for raising cats

Learn the benefits of raising cats in your home

7 benefits for raising cats

Learn the benefits of raising cats in your home

Cats are soft beings, but they have a playful spirit, but this is not only what we know about them. Cats have many benefits when raising them at home. 7 benefits for raising cats

Whether you enjoy cats raising and  her quiet sitting on your lap, or if you are a cat person who takes him as a friend, you have a treasure trove of health inside your home.

 So let us know 7 benefits of raising cats inside your home

1- Increasing the chances of surviving a heart attack

Studies have shown that owning a cat reduces the possibility of having a heart attack by 30% than if you do not have one.

2- Reducing blood pressure

Breeding cats reduces psychological pressure and the consequent rise in blood pressure and thus the problems of the circulatory system.

3- Healing broken bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis

4- Repair joint and ligament injuries

This is what the cat’s purring sound does … it is one of the most relaxing sounds in the world.

This sound can heal the muscles and bones of a human being.

 The voice of a cat purring it has a frequency ranging from 20-140 Hz. 7 benefits for raising cats

Whereas studies have proven that the frequencies between 18-35 Hz have a positive effect on joint movement after injuries.

5- Reducing stress

Having a cat around you helps your body release some chemicals that reduce stress … A session of gentle petting with your cat is enough to improve your mood for you and your cat.

6- Reducing the chance of allergies and regulating the breathing process

In 2002, the national institutes of health demonstrated that raising cats reduces the chances of allergies of all kinds in children.

This is because exposure to pets at an early age stimulates the immune system and makes it stronger in response to allergens.

7- Reducing the feeling of headache 

Sometimes, just watching your pets play on their own or just petting them while they are on your side is a source of distraction from pain.

It can be difficult to induce movement when you are in pain.7 benefits for raising cats

Feeding and interacting with pets can help fill this void, making migraines more active which may improve blood circulation and joint health.

 Moreover, touching and movement are healthy ways to manage stress, which is a common cause of migraines for many people with chronic headaches.

. petting your friend’s furry can lower your blood pressure, helping you feel calm and happy.

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