What is the appropriate food for cats??

What are the components of healthy meal for my cat??

What is the appropriate food for cats?? 

What are the components of healthy meal for my cat??

What is the appropriate food for cats??

What should I give for my cat dry or soft food??

Those are repeatable questions by cat owners especially the new ones. 

Every cat has its own character which prefers stuff and hate other one. so, you have to give them multiple choices of food.

So, you could offer both wet and dry food.

But what you offer may differ according to the age and the general health condition.

What are the main nutritional components of cat food?? appropriate food for cats

The balance cat food should contain

36% protein, 12% fats, 52% carbohydrates.

What are the types of food should I offer to my cat??  appropriate food for cats

appropriate food for cats

Dry food: for many cat owners it’s an easy, cheap, & fast meal I can offer to the cat.

But dry food contains low amounts of water. So, there must be a constant source of water for the cat. appropriate food for cats

You should also choose a high-quality dry food in order to maintain your cat meal balanced as we mentioned before like:

royal canin   |     Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food  | Purina ONE


Dry food also maintains the dental health of your cat. 

But you should visit the vet from time to time to check on your cat teeth.

appropriate food for cats

Soft food: it may be a little expensive and need to be prepared…if your cat didn’t finish the meal don’t offer it to her again… as it may cause gastric problems. appropriate food for cats

Soft food contains higher water amount than dry food. 

It helps the kidney to do her job especially in the cats with kidney problems or inflammation in the urinary tract.

Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food | whiskas cat food

purina pro plan wet food

Examples of wet food:

Check out the proper feeding system for cats with kidney diseases.

Soft food had delicious taste especially if your cat is a picky one…also the number of calories in the soft food is like what present in 1/4 cup of dry food but with big volume making your cat feels full.

Whether you choose to give your cat a dry or soft food or home-made food you should consider offering a balanced diet as we mentioned.

The home made food must contain source for protein like meat, chicken, liver , & egg . appropriate food for cats

Source for carbohydrates like rice, potato.

Source for fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Like vegetables and plants with leaves, and it all boiled.

Fats, spicy food, bones and sweets are forbidden.

And always remember to offer water for 24 hrs to avoid kidney problems.

 And always remember to discuss with the vet what is the appropriate food for you cat’s health and he will tell you what is the best.

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